Gaining The Knowledge To Start, Grow and Scale A Profitable Online Business Directly From An Internet Millionaire & His Rockstar Team Is Quite Another!
Learn more in 3 days in person, than you ever will watching other so called "gurus" or reading books that only ever teach you theory. To get practical, insightful knowledge from someone who's built 6 different million dollar internet businesses by the age of 27, YOU need to attend the ONLINE BUSINESS SUMMIT
About The Event
At the Online Business Summit you'll gain access to strategies, wisdom and connections to build and grow an online business without any prior experience or technical knowledge needed. 
The Online Business Summit is 3 FULL DAYS OF EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND TEACHING on how to START AND MARKET YOUR OWN INTERNET BUSINESS. You don't need to own a business or have any technical knowledge or even have a product to sell.

BUT even if you have an existing business then this 3 DAY event is for you. Just by masking some small & simple tweaks which you'll learn about you can grow your existing business online.

In fact, even if you're an absolute beginner, you can learn how to start building an online income stream that will PAY YOU MONTH AFTER MONTH!

If you're thinking "this isn't for me", think again.
We only open up the Online Business Summit to a limited number of people each time and allowing them the opportunity to experience this event.  

Now is your chance to the the summit and discover the real truth of what it takes to build a business online and generate 6, 7 or even 8 figures online.
Connect With Elite Industry Experts So You Can Grow Your Influence, Grow Your Impact & Grow Your Income - Even If You're Completely Brand NEW
These guests, world class leaders are personal friends Shaqir brings to his events. Some of them under 'no amount of money' can you hire them. You become who you learn from. 
These are just some of the experts who have spoken at our events and that you can potentially meet at one of our next events. 
Shaqir Hussyin
Founder of Wealth Academy, Trainer, Author, World Traveller, Millionaire Online Entrepreneur
Mike Dillard
$50 Million Online Entrepreneur, Author of Magnetic Sponsoring
Matt Lloyd
Founder of MOBE, $150+ Million in Sales Online, Author, Speaker
John Chow
Founder of the biggest money making blog on the internet. Millionaire Online Entrepreneur
Saj Purkayastha
Author of 9 Top Selling ClickBank Products. Millionaire Online Internet Entrepreneur
Andre Chaperon
Expert Email Story Writer & Creator of Autoresponder Madness
Com Mirza
$500 Million Serial Entrepreneur. CEO of Mirza Holdings
Paul Lynch
Top Affiliate Marrketer and creator of Easy Sketch Pro. 
Jeff Hoffman
Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of
Ankur Agarwal
Shaqir Hussyin Student, $8 Million Earner, List Building Guru, Bit-Coin Expert
Adeline Sugianto
Top Shaqir Hussyin Student, Author, Speaker, FB Ads Expert
Tony Ashbolt
The Wealth Whisperer, UK's Leading Tax & Financial Planning Expert
Tom Collins
VP Marketing of $175 Million Company
Ernest Lim
Leading Singapore Affiliate Marketer - $1 Million In Commissions
Tom Beal
Productivity Expert & Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Carlos & Lupe Garcis
Website Traffic Experts, Founder of TapNSell
Ricardo Lopez
Mr Candy Crush - $250K A Day From Facebook
It's Not Just About The Education, But It's An Experience
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Why Attend
Great speakers. Education. Fun.
Meet Elite Experts
Attend the next Online Business Summit event to join an elite group of internet marketing entrepreneurs responsible for generating millions online.
Educate & Empower
A unique experience that you will share with 50-100 other rising internet marketing superstars. Let us know your biggest issues & the experts will find a solution. 
Utilise our systems, coaching & guidance to fast track your online success and potential CEO level income working from home.
The Potential Of An Online Business
In just 3 days, the system and processes you'll learn about have UNLIMITED potential to make money using the internet.
You'll get access to all of the networking, content and cutting edge information other seminars or workshops can't promise.
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There is no such thing as job security unless you create  it. You cannot rely on anyone or any company to employ you forever. You can only ever rely on yourself & one thing is for certain: The internet isn't 
There are almost an endless amount of products available to help automate your business and make you money while you sleep, eat or travel.

From teenager to senior citizen, regardless of race, language or religion the internet has no bias. All are welcome and all can make money if they are willing to put in the effort and take action and most importantly, do it consistently.

Rather than be open for a limited time, like most traditional brick and mortar businesses, your onine business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year
When you run an internet business you can choose where you want to work. As long as you have an internet connection. You can sell your products to India, Japan, Canada or even Mexico. With such a huge (growing) customer base there's no limits to expansion. 
Many of us who have thought of starting a business are just too afraid to take the leap and go for it. With an internet business you can get started with low costs. 

Get Your Tickets Here...
It’s common for 3-day events like this to sell for $5,000 to $7,500 or more. Many of my guest speakers have put on events for that price and I’ve paid as much to go to similar events myself.

When you consider the amount of live, in-person training you’ll be getting, then $5,000 would be a STEAL.

I considered pricing this at $2,997 – a very fair price that would help cover the expenses I have to incur when putting on an event including the venue, staff, equipment, speakers’ fees, etc.

But I want to make this a 100% NO-RISK offer for you.
One Time Fee For This 3 Day Live Event Training
Book Now! Limited Seats Available.
These prices are really NOTHING compared to what this event can do for your financial future.

Think of it this way… if you make just ONE high-ticket sale from what you learn at the event, then you could potentially earn $1,000s back…
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